Thursday, January 31, 2013

JaNo WriMo 2013

I had every intention of writing this post...January 1st. And, well, that never happened. But as far as writing goes, this has been a very busy month!

Since I never (literally never ever) have time to write a novel in the month of November with everyone else, I usually set aside January for that sort of thing. For some reason the month after all the holiday celebrations is much more open. Could be the after part and not the before

Anyway, I'm not sure I wrote a complete novel (or 50,000 words), but I did start two books (8 chapters on one and 6 on another), finished revising the end of one book, and almost completely revised another one. This is weird for me. I hardly ever work on more than one project at a time. But they were all screaming for my attention! And I love them all even more now. 

And hopefully in about six months, I can query at least one or two of them. 

I can feel the progress I've made over the last three years and it's so fulfilling. When I wrote my first novel three years ago, I thought I'd be published in six months. Thank goodness I wasn't! My writing gets better every time I push a key on the keyboard. I finally feel like I have a real chance. 

I love writing, reading, the sound of typing, the excitement of a new story, the spark of a love interest, the happy feeling that twists inside me when I know a scene just changed for the better, everything! 

And hopefully I can share all that with everyone soon!

Have a great weekend!