Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cystic Fibrosis

If you know anything about my book, Changing Fate, you know it's about a girl with cystic fibrosis. Since this month is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month, I thought I'd expound on the topic. The facts listed are taken from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation website.

30,000 children and adults in America have CF with the worldwide total estimating around 70,000. 

It's a genetic disease that causes the body to produce thick, sticky mucus--which leads to lung and pancreas problems. 

About 1,000 cases of CF are diagnosed each year.

Nearly half the CF population is age 18 or older. 

That's HUGE! If we go back 60 years ago, few children born with CF lived to attend elementary school. With new research and treatments, people with CF can expect to live into their late 30's, even into their 40's, or longer! 

But the reality is...there's STILL no cure! A lifetime of daily treatments is not only costly, but it's exhausting. 

While writing my book, I worked with some amazing people and parents of children with CF, who've been through transplants and years of treatments. 

Now, every case is different. One girl I worked with said three of the five kids in her family were born with CF. Between those three, the affects of the disease are very different from one child to another. The story I wrote might not match each person, but I hope it can spread the word and help others become aware of the struggle some people go through just to breathe. 

It's good to be aware and help where you can :)

One celebrity made a life changing decision because of her experience with 2 CF kids. Go here to watch Whoopi's story on the Dr. Oz show.

I hope in some way, I can continue to spread awareness and maybe help in the cause to find a cure.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


MY BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE!!! I can't tell you how long I've wanted to say those words! I'm so excited to share it. It means so much to me. But for now, it's time to PAR-TAY!!!

Jump up and down,
Spin around,
Touch the ground,
And scream!!!


Okay, I'll calm down...a little :)

Here's the cover and book description one last time!

All Kate wants is to live. Battling cystic fibrosis is hard enough, dying from it is even harder. When her mom moves them closer to the hospital in the middle of her senior year, Kate’s determined to isolate herself—saving everyone the trouble of befriending a dying girl. It’s a difficult task when cheerful optimist Giana insists on being Kate’s friend.
Kate’s resolve falters even more when curly-haired Kyler captivates her with his sweet melodies. As her emotional walls collapse, Kate realizes the people she’s been pushing away may be the ones giving her a reason to live. But it might be too late.

Want a chance to win a free copy? Visit each participating blog and find all 16 key phrases—1 in each fun fact about the author. Put them together and answer the question in the giveaway below for extra points! The giveaway is open to everyone no matter where you live and it runs for a whole week!

Carol Riggs (3 & 4)

Kelley Hicken (7 & 8)

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Rachel Pudelek (11 & 12)

Melanie Stanford (13 & 14)

About the Author, including fun facts.

Michelle Merrill loves kissing her hubby, snuggling her kids, eating candy, reading books, and writing first drafts. She names her computers after favorite fictional characters and fictional characters after favorite names. 

Here are the first 2 fun facts!!!

1.      I love salad. I’m one of those people who order the salad instead of the steak. But I usually order the whopping one, and eat the whole thing. Can you say, CafĂ© Rio sweet pork salad? I think my mouth’s watering.
2.      I’ve been to 48 states…in a 15 passenger van. Including right into downtown Manhattan with a full-size trailer pulled behind with a homemade wing on top for better gas mileage. Yeah, it was all sorts of awesome. 

You can watch the book trailer here: Trailer.

You can add my book to your goodreads here: Goodreads.

You can PURCHASE the book here!!! Amazon: CHANGING FATE.

Thank you SO much! I’ll remind you one last time that ALL proceeds these first two days will go toward Team Regan Kate’s Great Strides Walk, and half of all proceeds will always go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for their continuing research to find a cure.

And since May is CF Awareness Month, the ebook will be 2.99 until June!!! The Paperback is also at a lower price right now! 


Thursday, May 1, 2014

CF Awareness and Great Strides Donations

For those of you who don't know, May is National CF Awareness Month. I'm excited to be part of this cause and I hope my book can spread awareness!

My story was inspired by a little girl with cystic fibrosis. I'll be walking with Team Regan Kate in her Great Strides Walk this year. I hope a cure is around the corner so this sweet, loving girl can live a long life. You can read more about Regan's story here or watch this short video.

Half of all proceeds from my book will always go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, but everything from the first two days will go towards Regan's walk. Please share the word. You never know when your actions might make a difference :)

Last note: My e-book will only be $2.99 for the first two weeks, then it goes up to $4.99! Order from May 8th-22nd to get the early bird special!

Thanks and have a wonderful week!