Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Vacay Success!

I just got back from my summer vacation to Utah! I know, I know, exciting right? Well, that's where I grew up and where I like to go to visit friends and family. And oh boy, do I have some awesome friends. Several writer's live in Utah but I didn't get to see most of them. :( Sad day.

But I did go to Lagoon, twice. (Yes, it's a terrible picture of an awesome amusement park, but it's the only one with the name and no family.)

And I did get to see one of my favorite writer's in the world. This is Shallee McArthur and me. We've known each other since Elementary School! She is a brilliant writer and I'm lucky to have her as a friend.

And, as luck would have it, I was sitting at a local restaurant with my mom and kids when in walks a familiar face--familiar from seeing it online but never before in person. I approach this person and ask if her name is Elana Johnson. And it was!, looking around the small restaurant for any kind of camera and never finding one. It was fun to meet her and hopefully one day I'll get to visit with her again!

My next post will be a book review. I know, shocker. I don't usually review books because there are so many things that factor into rating a book and giving it a reputation. Mainly, personal preference. But this time I just couldn't resist. Be sure to stop by for the awesome adventure that made my visit home even better!

Have a great week and happy writing!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I swear I'm not neglecting everyone on purpose. With all the kiddos home, we're super busy. And when I do have free time...I'm writing! That's good, right? 

Here's my brain during the day.


And here's my brain at night.

Once upon a time...

I'm almost finished with the first draft of a book that I absolutely LOVE! It's emotional and tender and I hope to share it with everyone one day. This is the book I was supposed to write and this is the reason I love what I do.

I promise to be more consistent with blogging when school starts again. Until then, you're more likely to find me on twitter (@merrillwrites). 

I hope you have a great summer and a safe Independence Day!