Monday, February 28, 2011

Stuck in the Waiting Room!

Waiting rooms usually aren't that bad, right?  Somewhat comfy chair, magazine, nice plant in the corner, maybe even a cup of something to drink, and a nice person with a bright smile sitting behind the desk to greet you.  Well, maybe not always a bright smile, but they're there to help, even if they've had a long day don't seem like they want to look at you, let alone do anything for you.  

The question is, why are you in that waiting room?  What are you waiting for?  Are you nervous for the appointment?  

Without fail, I always get nervous when I go to the dentist!  Every. Single. Time.  The worst part is that I'm usually fine until I set foot in that all too inviting, but somewhat intimidating, waiting room.  Sure the furniture might be high quality, but how good is that going to calm my nerves when the smell of dentist is permeating my clothes?

Well, it just so happens that I'm kind of stuck in a different waiting room right now.  Back in January, I wrote a novel.  And starting Feb. 1st, I put that novel on the back burner and have decided to leave it there until I'm totally disconnected from it.  When I revise, I have to be able to see it objectively and sometimes it takes more than a few weeks to cut off that loving connection to my protag and awesome make believe world.  

But what if I get stuck in the waiting room?  How many of you have decided to step away from a project and haven't had the nerve to put down that magazine or turn off that TV screen, or whatever it is keeping you in that waiting room, so you can get to it!  

Are you nervous to walk through that office door and make the long walk to your appointment with your MS?  I thought I'd be nervous, but I actually can't wait!

 Instead of having dentist hands in my mouth, I'm going to be the one cleaning, chipping, prying, prodding, and polishing!  It's my turn to be 'the mean one' with all my writing tools!  

Ya wanna know what I've been working on while sitting in my waiting room?  I can't stand the thought of not writing, so I decided to go back to a half finished MS from a few months ago.  It's been interesting getting back into the story (long version to come later), but I have to keep writing.

Another one of my favorite things that I've been working on in my waiting room is research.  What have I been researching?  I'll tell you on Wednesday!

So, are you currently stuck in a waiting room with a project that's sitting?  What do you do in your waiting room?  Are you nervous for that inevitable revision?


  1. I can defiitely say from my own experience that you did the right thing my shelving your ms for a while after writing it before editing. You will come back to it with fresh eyes, and make important changes that you'll need for objectivity.

    I would suggest that while you're in the waiting room you brainstorm your next novel. It'll take your mind off the waiting.

  2. I can honestly say that I hate the dentist. AND, I can also say that I get scared to death of my manuscripts sometimes. I get a great story in my head, a great scene, and I struggle to make myself write it down. I don't know why, but an idea I know could be great really terrifies me. Will I be able to bring the readers into my world enough? Will my MC be likable? Is the concept believable? All those questions run through my head. For days sometimes! But then I calm down, take a deep breath and let my imagination run wild. Just like I'd do in the dentist chair with the laughing gas... ;) Just kidding.

  3. Loved this!! I used to be on that hated the dentist but I must say that with time and a great dentist I've become less afraid and don't dislike it as much. Now that being said going back normally means bad things so I do hate that, always pressuring me to FLOSS MORE.

    I think you know what I'm waiting for. If I mention it I feel that tears may trickle or that I'll lose control of the somewhat hold I posess on my brain at this point in time. Good news to come... I can feel it.

  4. This is a very profound post. It's spot on with the way we choose to live our lives. I love it!

    I spent several months in the waiting room after I queried for several months. I was debating a major overhall of my MS. In the meantime I wrote a NaNoWriMo book and another book. I'm happy to say I've been called into the office by way I am walking down the hall to the doctor's office. I am querying again.

    I love querying even though it yields a lot of rejection. Querying makes me feel like a writer more than the act of writing.

    HAPPY WRITING, Michelle!

  5. Great post. :)

    There is always something on the shelf or waiting for attention. It's getting rid of the distractions that is my problem.

  6. I tend to work on multiple projects at once. If I'm finished and send to a crit partner, I won't think about it until the beta is back. Right now, I'm plotting and working on a class for one WIP, while waiting on beta reader to return another, and I'm querying a third. Life is never boring. :)
    Good luck!

  7. I want to immediately put my ms in the dentist chair. I don't want to wait, but I force myself to because I know that I will be a better editor with fresh eyes. So, now I have to examine the plant and freaky dental pictures. *shudder*

  8. I think I revised too soon, and now I'm taking a longer break from one of my projects. I'm working on something else, but still feel like I'm twiddling my thumbs and thinking about the old manuscript when I'm supposed to be doing the opposite. The waiting room just makes me think of what's coming next, so I'm not sure it's possible for me to come back with completely fresh eyes. You know what though? I think I like my new idea better...then again, I always like my new idea better :) Great post!

  9. That's a cool picture of a dentist's chair that you got going on there. I'm not stuck in the waiting room right now per se...but I have been there before.

  10. Oh wow! Thanks for all the comments. I love to see everyone's opinion and what they are working on!

    D.U.- Thanks for the advice. I'm in the middle of my next project and have ideas flowing for new ones.

    Chantele-I totally ask myself all those questions every time. Good thing we've learned how to breath and get through it!

    Jen-I think your waiting tops the nerves list. Good luck girly, you know my fingers are crossedd :)

    Patricia-Yay for querying! I can't wait till I have a project ready for that step. Hopefully it will happen in the next few months!

    Kindros-I totally have distractions too! Those waiting rooms can be full of them. I can't seem to get my kids out of my waiting room :)

    Ciara-Wow,you have a lot going on! Good for you :)

    Shari-I wanted to put mine right in the chair too, but I'm glad I decided to wait.

    Jess-I have revised too soon as well. Live and learn. The learning comes when our next idea is that much better!

    Michael-All my pics come from google. I googled dentist chair and that came up. Thank goodness google. I don't usually take my camera to the dentist office :)

  11. I know how you feel! It's so hard to get out of that waiting room sometimes.

    And...I hope the story you're going back to is the one I'm thinking of. :)

    And...I will bet getting your chapters back to you today. Cross my heart.

  12. I waited a while after finishing my WIP. A month maybe. Like you, it helped me disconnect and get that desire to write again. Revising is not that fun for me, so I have to force myself to do it. It's not going to revise itself though, so I have to do it.

  13. Not yet but I'm headed there shortly. I do hate waiting. And the dentist. I swear my teeth try to crawl into my gums the minute I walk in the door.

  14. Nah, you always go back to it in the end! Working on another project, like you are, helps not to worry about it though!!

  15. I hate the dentist's waiting room! But I also look forward to revisions. Especially when reading the first part of my WIP. My writing has changed so much since then.

    Good luck with your revision.

  16. My wip has been on hold while I'm waiting for my CPs to read it, but I won't leave it there too long. My last ms was put on hold for over a year while I waited to hear back from a publisher, and I just can't get back into it now. I agree we need to step away for a long enough time to get a fresh perspective, but I also get nervous about stepping away for so long I'll have a hard time coming back.

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