Sunday, July 31, 2011


No, not a creepy, "I'm back" from some horror movie, but an excited "I'M BACK, I can't wait to be back with my friends and into the writing world again." It's so awesome! My vacation was packed and full of excitement, so this week I'll give you a couple of recaps.

First of all, I met up with these two lovelies! 

I got to meet Chantele and I absolutely love her! If you don't know her yet, get on over to her blog.

And I got to see my lifelong friend, who is an absolute genius...Shallee. Again, You. Need. To. Follow. These. Girls. 

There are so many of you I'd love to meet. So let's make it happen one day :)

I also read a few books this break, but I'll just tell you about my favorite one.

This is my good friend Divergent

Divergent (Divergent, #1)

And I suggest you get to know her too. If you haven't read this book. Do it! End of story.

And now I'll give you a sneak peek to the amazing places I visited.

Come back Wednesday for more pictures!


  1. LOVING THE PICTURES! Gosh I missed you like crazy girl! Glad to see you've been having a whole lot of fun! I love meeting my blog besties it's so exciting. Mine comes in November and I'm ecstatic!!!

    Can't wait to see more pictures! Happy Monday! You made my day!

  2. Love the photos! I'm glad you're back, and can't wait to hear about your vacation. One of those photos looks a heck of a lot like Zion National Park (or maybe Bryce Canyon NP).

  3. Jen-It's great to be back! I'm glad I could make your day :)

    Jess-You're good. Have you been to those places?

  4. Cute fun pictures! Glad you had fun!

  5. Yay!!!! You're back!! :D :D :D And I loved meeting you too! :)

  6. Gorgeous pictures! It was so fun to see you again, too. :) Glad your trip was fun, even if it was a bit of a whirlwind.

  7. Mel-Thanks!

    Chantele-It's good to be back.

    Shallee-It's good to be back home. And if you think these pictures are good...there are some more gorgeous pictures coming :)

  8. What great pics! And so glad you had a wonderful vacation. Can't wait to see more!

  9. Awesome pics!

    I LOVE meeting other bloggers... I've met two already this summer and plan to meet another in a few weeks...

    Yes, let's host a bloggers reunion! How awesome would that be?

  10. ooo! Is that the Grand Canyon? VERY cool... I've been out myself, so I didn't know you were out--LOL! But I'm glad we're all getting back. And yes. Meeting. Soon~ :o) <3


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