Thursday, August 25, 2011

Come Meet Melanie Stanford

From Melanie's blog we learn that she's a "Writer- hoping to be published one day. Mother- hoping that I'm doing it right. Enjoying the little things: my kids laughter and when they say "luv u mum", the excitement of cracking open a brand new book, that moment in between the previews and when the movie actually starts, the taste of oh-so-yummy swedish berries."

I totally get that...hoping that I'm doing everything right, the cracking sound of the spine on a new book, the silence before a movie starts, and--wait a second. What are Swedish Berries? I think I'm missing out on something yummy!

I'll look into that and let you all know by the end of the interview :)

So Melanie, how long have you been writing?

Since grade 2- my first story was Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Bloody Mary and it was around 100 pages long (yikes!)

(100 pages in second grade? That's sweet! And I love the premise.)

What made you want to write?

I don't really know why I started writing. When I was younger I would make-up stories in my head and act them out (I remember wearing a sheet as a cape and using my mom's jewelry as "magical artifacts"). The stories have never left my head- now I just write them down instead of acting them out.

(That's awesome. It totally reminds me of Joe in The Little Women. Well, all of the girls, but Joe became the writer!)

Do you have any pet peeves while writing?

Getting interrupted is always a big one, but also unavoidable with four little kids. Or knowing I have to stop to make dinner or something but I just don't want to because I'm on such a roll.

(You write before dinner? I totally give you props. That's the worst time at my house.)

If you could sit down and reread any book, which would it be?

Harry Potter- I would reread those when each movie came out. Won't be able to do that anymore (sniff). Actually, I used to reread my books all the time until I got a library card and started reading YA. Now I don't really have time- too much on my TBR list.

Quick, you only have a couple minutes on the internet, which writing blogs/websites would you go to?

That's hard to choose because so many blogs bring different things to the table. Probably the Guide to Literary Agents blog, and the BookEnds blog. They're both really helpful and informative. And SlushpileHell is good for a two-second funny.

(Thanks for sharing! I think I got the links right, but in all could be an ultimate fail! Let me know if I need to change them.)

If you could meet any author, dead or alive, who would you choose?

Jane Austen. I really want to know if her books are about what I think they're about, or if they go deeper, like some people think. Then again, maybe I don't want to know.

(Wait! People think they go deeper? Hmm. I don't know if I'd want to know either.)

What book are you reading right now and which one do you have lined up to read next?

Right now I'm reading FOREVER by Maggie Stiefvater (so good). Next is THE FAMILY FORTUNE by Laurie Horowitz (but I'm mostly reading that to see another author's modernized version of Jane Austen's PERSUASION since I'm doing it too and don't want mine to be the same).

(I LOVE research reading. And I need to read Forever.) 

What's your favorite:

Character: I assume you mean characters that I've read (not my own), so I'll have to go with... haha that's hard! I can't pick one! Okay, the first one I thought of is Mia Thermopolis from THE PRINCESS DIARIES. She's hilarious and charming and I want to be her friend.

Setting: I love the half-fantasy, half-reality of the whole Harry Potter world. I wish I could go to Hogwarts, and learn magic, and meet Harry and everybody, and ride a dragon... okay maybe not that last one.

Thing about writing: I don't know, it just makes me happy. Like after I've spent an hour or two writing and I step away from the computer and I've got this huge smile on my face and I'm practically giddy because I'm in love with what I've just created. That's such a great feeling.

And last, but not least, do you prefer fruity candy or chocolate?

Haha- I knew this one was coming (I've read many of your past interviews). Can I say both? I have a sweet love for mini Mars bars (I think you can only get those in Canada) and a scary obsession with Swedish Berries. Mmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

(Now for the Swedish Berries. These are Swedish Berries!
 And for all the chocolate lovers. Here's a taste of some mini Mars bars.

Thanks so much, Melanie, for a sweet ending. I enjoyed interviewing you and am lucky to have you as a blogging buddy and a writing friend! Be sure to visit Melanie's blog, Daydreamer to Writer!  Right now would be a great time :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yay Melanie! Mars bars are the best.

  2. Jane Austen would be a fun one. I think if you got her gossiping, she'd be a hoot :) And Mia Thermopolis is awesome~ I'd add Ella from Ella Enchanted to the list of cool characters as well. Great interview! Thanks Mel and Mich, aka, M&M(yes, I just gave myself permission to call you ladies that).

  3. Great interview! Thanks to you both :D Those Swedish Berries look tasty. Like Swedish Fish!

  4. Thanks for the interview! It's so nice to get to know Melanie better.

    Wow, my mouth just watered at the sight of the Mars bars.I grew up on those, and Cadbury cream eggs, and Crunch bars (yummy chocolate wrapped honeycomb), oh my! (My tummy's growling now!) Oh, and I have to agree--the setting in HP is perfect. Familiar enough to set the reader at ease, combined with fantasy to keep us intrigued=awesomeness!

  5. Great interview and I'll be looking for Swedish berries. Those look fantastic!

  6. Cadbury Cream Eggs are my absolute fave but you can only get them at Easter time. Is there really no Swedish berries in the states?

  7. Hi Michelle,
    I'm a fellow campaigner and really enjoyed your interview with Melanie. Now I must go check out her blog as you have suggested.


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