Friday, January 20, 2012

JaNo 2012 Check-in Week 3!!!

Yeah, this is a little late, but I've spent the whole day getting ready for my daughter's seventh birthday party! I can't believe she's that old. 

But late is better than never, right? 


Here's my report.

Word count: 51,022

Brain status: Still going

Conflict: Raging in the climax.

Characters: Rockin' in their own ways.

I love this book more and more each day, even if it is an awful first draft. I've learned one great thing about writing a book so quickly, though. It's so much easier to remember the things that are foreshadowed or tie ins from the beginning to end. Maybe that's never a problem for any of you, but sometimes it is for me. And this time, I've written it so fast, I think I've remembered everything. But, I may be wrong. Between late nights and preggo brain, I could definitely be stuck in hopeful thinking!

How was your week? What do you have planned for writing goals next week? 

I'm going to finish my book and start on getting my other one tightened for querying! Eek!

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Way to go Michelle - You can catch all those little tie-ins in revision and if you are like me...add more.

    I hope your daughter has a fun birthday party!

  2. Congratulations! Your progress on your book is wonderful. And happy birthday to your daughter!

  3. Kari-So true. And the birthday was fun, just a lot of little girls who like to talk above each other.

    Cherie-Thanks :)

  4. Seven is a great age. I have a seven-year-old too. Congrats on your progress this week. You're really moving along.

  5. Well done, you're really going some. Happy birthday to your daughter :-)


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