Monday, February 18, 2013

Characters I LOVE...

Have you ever read a book and had a certain character stand out to you? Me too! And my favorite ones are usually not the main character.

And more often than not, I end up naming something after them. Right now my laptop and lapdesk are named after two characters from one of my favorite book series, Poison Study.

Janco is my laptop.

And my lapdesk is named Ari.

If you haven't read the book, I highly suggest it. 

Usually my favorites are part of the comic relief. Some of my other favorites are:  Finnick from Hunger Games and the two satyr's from Fablehaven.

And I have a new character from a British TV show. Have any of you seen Merlin? If so, you'll know who this is and maybe know why.

Seriously! Where would the word be without Gaius?

So, who are your favorites? Is it usually the steamy romantic character with a dark edge? Or how about the jester/joker with a hidden secret?

Characters make the be sure to make your characters strong and unforgettable!


  1. About half the people that have commented on my new book say that Jaron is their favorite. They want more of him, and I can see why. He keeps his mystery throughout. Mostly because I think he would lose his appeal if I gave away too much of his backstory.

    The Magic Wakes tomorrow!

  2. I just read about your book! It sounds great...and I'm excited to read more about this Jaron :)

  3. I LOVE Merlin, all except for the way the series ended. (Stupid, stupid writers.) I'm going to have to add Poison Study to my list. Yay! I just finished Paranormalcy, and I have to say pretty much every character in the book stood out. Beyond that, I'm pretty much drawing a blank on side characters I loved more than the MC--except for books that have weak MC's, like the Hush Hush and Fallen series. Off to check out Charity's book!

  4. oh, I do love interesting secondary characters! But I never thought to name my stuff after them--LOL! That's awesome, Michelle! :o) <3

  5. Great reminder! And yes, sometimes I've read books where the secondary characters are MUCH more intriguing than the main character. :) Funny you name things after characters!

  6. I do love love Merlin! And I think next to Arthur, Gaius is my favorite!


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