Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I can't go a single season without mentioning NBC's singing contest called The Voice. It relates so much to writer's querying agents! I love it :)

And on last night's episode, Christina Aguilera said something that really stood out to me. None of the four judges turned a chair for one of the contestants. And instead of the contestant getting mad and throwing a fit, they were really appreciative of the opportunity they had to go on the show. 

Christina's response was,

"It's beautiful to have that attitude."

And it really is. Having a good attitude can never be a bad thing. Being positive can affect the world around you. Positive people are naturally beautiful because they look happy...and most likely, they are. When we're negative, it can pull us down in a well of self-doubt and can ultimately drown out our potential to do something great. the light of that quote. Be happy. You may not get your big break today, you may not get it in the next month, or even in the next year. But being positive can fuel you to learn more, be better, and forge your path to doing the best you can.


Happy writing! 


  1. Here is my comment! Good thoughts Michelle . . . but seriously, this can't be better than a piece of chocolate!!?? Or a folded chip!? Keep up the writing . . . one day it will happen!

  2. So true. We usually think of "attitude" as being loud and self-centered, but positive and grateful attitudes are where it's really at.


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