Thursday, July 10, 2014

Blah, blah, blah...

Hey, word.

Summer has been crazy crazy. We've been out of town off and on since school got out. I started revising a book, then went out of town, decided to revise a different book when I got back, then went out of town again, and finally decided that it just ain't happenin' this summer! Last summer I wrote a book in six weeks and this summer I can't even keep up with my house and kids. 

I was feeling bad about it every time we packed our bags to visit family or go camping...until I realized that this is what summer's about for my little kids. And they need me. And I need them. Let's face it, I will always be able to write, but my kids will not always be little. They won't always want to talk to me and they certainly won't need me to feed them, dress them, wash them, bandage their owies, etc. for the rest of their lives. As of right now, it's for the best. 

I can't wait to jump back into the writing world when school starts, but until then...keep it up, keep it real, and keep it goin'. 

Have a great summer!


  1. I'm with you, Michelle. I haven't been productive in writing most of the summer, but I try to write at least a couple hundred words per day (okay, per week) to keep my mind in the story. It's easy to feel defeated over not being able to give everything 110%. It sounds to me like you've got your priorities in the right place. Besides, kids have this way of spouting the most absurdly creative and brilliant sentences... Who knows what inspiration you'll glean from just paying attention to them. By the time school starts, they could have inspired several stories.


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