Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MUST READS in order to WRITE.

My nose has been glued to three particular writing books.  All of them have taught me more than I could've hoped.  It's like I was wrapped up in my own personal writing conference.  I took notes, reread phrases that meant the most, and then reread them again.  There are a ton of how-to writing books out there.  I've tried a few different ones but these three have been the best so far!  One of them I found on my own, but the other two were referred by people from the AWESOME writeoncon conference!

This first one is good for anyone writing a book, particularly in the fiction genre.  It's pages are filled with important ways to keep your audience involved in your book from the first line to the very last word.
Really, I thought it was amazing!  If you haven't read it.  Go.  Now.  Stop reading this post and read the book.  I promise, it's worth your time.

Here is the second book that I loved.

I love the layout of this book.  He gets right to the point with his short chapters.  I just ate up the way he related the art of war to writing.  Writing is a war, and we all want to win.  Read it!

This last one is definitely not the least, just better to read or apply after you've actually written a book.  At least I found it helpful after.  If you've ever wanted to find the best self editor within, this is it!
Cover Image
So go read, write, read, and then write some more!

I hope you find these books to be as amazing and helpful as I did.

Good luck and write on!


  1. I really want to read Writing the Breakout Novel! It's been on my list forever. Once I finish Stephen King's "On Writing," that's the next one for me! "On Writing" is another excellent book, by the way.

    Thanks for sharing these, Michelle!

  2. I'll have to read it! Thanks for the reference.

  3. I'm actually currently reading Writing the Breakout Novel! Though my cover is different from yours for some reason. It says: Insider advice for taking your fiction to the next level.

    I'll have to check out those other two sometime.


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