Monday, January 3, 2011

ONE YEAR...and 50+ followers contest!


Exactly one year ago, I decided it was time to release the peer pressure from the characters in my head.  Seriously, they wouldn't leave me alone!  Jan. 3, 2010 I sat down to the computer and made a very rough and shame filled chapter by chapter outline.  For the following six weeks I turned into a typing hermit and ended with a horribly written first draft.  I'm not kidding when I say horrible.  I have many alibi's!  One sister wouldn't even read past the first chapter.  I, of course, thought it was the most amazing thing.  

Let's just say I've come a long way since then.  My awesome friend from High School saved me!  Really, I owe her SO much.  (And for the record, her blog's way better than mine, so go to it!)

My novel started out in first person, changed to third halfway through, and had more periods after the quotation marks than before.  HORRIBLE!  I didn't even know how to properly format dialogue.  Very sad.  The poor thing went through four rounds of revisions and has been stashed away for many months now.  I hope it will see the light of day again, but maybe not anytime soon.

One of the best things that helped my writing this past year was the one and only writeoncon.  I can't even begin to describe how much I learned there!  Epic Awesomeness!  If you weren't there last year, be there this year!  Seriously.  It's free and loaded with everything good!

Since January last year I have written one novel, two short stories, and three partials.  I'm going to have my very own nano month this month just so I can finish my second novel.  

Anyway, I'll save the rest of the boring details.

I did mention a contest right?  Oh, oh yeah, that's right.  Well, it isn't as big as it should be, but I'm making this my one year/50+ followers contest!  

I don't have much to give.  I don't own any ARC's and I'm a little teensy bit selfish with the few books I do own (pretty much all of them not signed).  So, all I have left to give is the knowledge that I've gathered this past year.  Which is actually a ton.  

So I'm offering a 'First 500 Word' critique to 5 people!  

You get 2 entries for being an old follower.
You get 1 for being a new follower.
You get 1 more if you blog about this.  

Simple.  An extra pair of eyes never hurts right?  Let me know if you want to be in the contest and if you blogged about it.  The contest closes Thursday (Jan. 6) at 9:00 pm (Pacific).

Thank you everyone for your support!  I can just tell year #2 is going to be even better :)


  1. Congrats to one year and 50+ followers! I'd like to be part of the contest. :)

    And, yes, year #2 will be better!

  2. Congrats! It's awesome what a person can accomplish in a year. 2011 holds even more possibilities.

    I too would like to be entered in the contest. Old follower. :)

  3. Cool. I would like to be entered into the contest. Old follower, just blogged. :)

    Happy New Year.

  4. Awesome idea for a contest, I'd enter myself but I think I will have to sit out because if I get it, it's not really fair to those other people out there who could benefit from it! Good luck on your personal NaNo this month! That is epic! I hope you do well.

    You went to school with Shallee? She's awesome!

    You've come such a long way! How exciting.

  5. Congratulations on your year!! Good luck on your awesome contest! Do not enter me, I'm just starting work on editing for (hopefully) the last time on my own so it wouldn't be ready in time. But I'm so excited for you anyway!

  6. Hello Michelle, lovely to meet you and hear of your journey. The best way to learn to write a novel is to write a novel so you have just put yourself through a course to learn the craft. Well done to be so open to perfecting your craft. Great idea for a contest. I saw it at Kari's. I wouldn't mind a fresh pair of eyes looking over 500 words of mine. Just one entry as a new follower. Happy New Writing Year!

  7. Awesome for you! I can always use another pair of eyes so enter me please! Best of luck for the new year!! Look forward to reading more of your posts. :)

  8. I'm impressed that you're doing your own nano this month! And it seems like you ended up getting lots accomplished - bravo! And congratulations on the followers!!!!!

    I don't have anything up for critiquing, so....

    But, if you'd like a chance at some prizes, come visit me!

  9. Congrats on a year and nice to meet you. Love your blog. I saw your contest over at Kari's (isn't she just sweet). I'd love to be in your contest and am now a new follower. About to blog about it. I'm brand new to blogging so mine will only reach a handful of peeps but any little bit is better than none. Have a great 2nd year and hope to hear more from you.

    Happy Writing

  10. I am the sister who read the first draft and I still thinks it has a lot of potential. Don't give up on it entirely. You are an inspiration to me Michelle. You have accomplished much more than me in writing this past year (I am still on my first draft of my first novel). Don't enter me into the contest. I know you are willing to read whenever I send something your way (and vice versa).

  11. rock. I can personally attest to how far you've come in a year. You're amazing! Really. (And you made me blush. :))

    Good luck with your nano month! I'm excited to start reading your new stuff. I won't enter the contest since I get your awesome critiques anyway, but I will be blogging about it tomorrow.

  12. Thanks everyone! I'm glad so many of you stopped by.

    Just for the record. Monica is the devoted sister that actually stuck it out through all the horribleness. It was another one that stopped reading, but I really didn't blame her after I went back to do the fixing.

  13. Woohoo! Congratulations on the followers and the anniverary! You obviously rock =)

    Old follower here! ^.^

  14. You have been one productive person this last year! Great job and good for you for holding a contest! I was thinking of doing something similar when I reached 50 followers (if and when that happens). Keep it up!

  15. Congratulations on both the year and the followers! Both are really awesome. And it's so amazing that you're doing NaNo this month -- good luck! :)

    I'd love to be a part of the contest -- I'm an old follower, and I've blogged about it in my sidebar.

  16. Emy, thanks for the shout out! I took a gander. Have I ever told you I love the simplicity of your blog? Well, I do :)

  17. Loved and I can't wait for the next one! Hope this year is as productive as the last!

  18. Congratulations! You startd your novel just 6 days before I started my first novel last year. I was January 9th. Keep at it! I want to see you out there querying soon, if you're not already!


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