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Awesome Aspiring Author-Jen Daiker

My Photo  If you haven't met Jen, then consider yourself lucky that you've stopped on by!  Even if you have met her, she's worth meeting again :)
Her blog is super awesome and you should head over there after you read this post.
Here's what Jen would tell you if you were to ask about her (or at least what she'd tell you if you met her on her blog).
I love to lie. Wait a minute, I love to tell stories, yup that's my calling. I spend my days day dreaming of distant lands, fairies, witches and that one handsome prince who will whisk each and everyone of my characters off their feet and into a more beautiful place. Why write of reality and live in reality when there are so many possibilities through imagination. They call me crazy, but I call myself a writer. This is my life on paper.
If you want to learn even more, which I think is totally worth it, then stop by here for some fun facts.
So, before I get carried away on some tangent, here is my interview with Jen.  

How long have you been writing? 
Under a year, I started January 20th, 2010. The day I started blogging.  
(Just after I did!  That's so awesome.  It's fun to meet someone who hasn't been writing for...well, forever.  Oh, and she's having an awesome, can't miss, contest to celebrate.  I'll tell more about it after the interview.)
 What made you want to write? 
I wanted to be somebody, do something. I was the one girl in High School who'd known what she'd wanted to be since she was 7 (an architect) and my Junior year it didn't fit what I wanted in the end. I tried everything and one day picked up Susan Elizabeth Phillips books (pick one up now! They're brilliant) I fell in love. I realized that rather than trying every job and never being happy that I could write about all the jobs and make them my own. A year later I've written three first drafts and working on my fourth.
Do you have any pet peeves while writing?  Any certain music or drink you just have to have to concentrate? 
Umm my husband quietly sitting next to me. He's not doing anything wrong but it drives me nuts, so I write by myself or while he's working on homework. Music depends on the story, with Jules I watch trash tv for inspiration, for other books it's A Fine Frenzy and Imogen Heap all the way.
What is your favorite thing to write? 
Tough I'd say it's two things, for novels it's young adult, normally with a different element rather than just the human world, my second would be blogging, the snarky one of a kind (or I like to think so) personality of Jen and Jules.
(And if you're confused as to what Jen and Jules is, then go check out the other blog.  LOVE Jen and Jules :))
What other genre's do you enjoy writing, if any? 
Thrillers, I'm working on a story where it is told first person from the serial killer point of view. Those who've read a piece tell me it's like Dexter (some show I think) minus the fact that my serial killer is all bad... no good.
What is your favorite genre to read? 
Chick lit, light airy and I'm addicted to SEP so she's my go to gal if I need some real romance.
What is your favorite blog? 
Holy Toledo are you serious? This one is tough, I love all my peeps but if I'd have to say a favorite I'd go with Candyland's and because I'm bad at choosing one Tahereh's. They're fabulous girls who have their blogs drugged... no joke. Trust me there are so many others I'd name but those were the first two that came up.
Have you been to a conference?  If you've been to more than one, which was your favorite and why? 
No I haven't, though I'd love to! I would go to the romance once (even though I'm not a romance novelist, lol) because a ton of bloggers rent hotel rooms and have the time of their lives with one another. Just to be in the presence with other amazing writers would be amazing!
 (That's sounds like fun!  Uh, weren't you at writeoncon?  I know it's online, but it totally counts!)

Which author's do you admire? 
Sophie Jordan, she's amazing, writing romance and young adult takes a special talent and she rocks it out! Others would be Rose CooperElana JohnsonLisa & Laura and Talli Rolland. To without these wonderful woman I would not be the writer I am. They inspire.
How often do you write? 
Every day. That doesn't mean it has any value, I comment on blog, write emails, jot notes down, journal, and work on my novels. Not all done in one day (I'm not that awesome - JK Rowling) but I do what I can with the time I'm given.

Okay, I just have to ask.  I've found lately that people are either chocolate lovers or "all other" candy lovers.  I can sit and eat taffy and fruity candy (starburst, skittles, tootsie rolls, etc.) like it's nobody's business, but can only eat a couple pieces of chocolate before getting sugared out.  How about you?  Candy or Chocolate?
I'm not a chocolate girl, unless it's chocolate chip cookies. My poisions: Chocolate chip cookies, lifesaver gummies (sour only) and sunbelt fruit snacks (Wal-mart).
(Woohoo!  Love the sour only.  Sour is most often the only way to go.)

 Jen also provided some really fun quick facts about her.  I'm still perfecting the craft of interviewing so I'm glad she offered these!  

Random Facts:
Sun or Moon: Moon (it glistens) 
Rain or Snow: Snow, falling snow flakes is magical
Bear or Tiger: Bear (Polar Bears are awesome)
Pirates or Vampires: Pirates (only if their fun...vampires, blood, the whole thing creeps me out) 
Polly Pockets or Barbies: Tough one! I choose Polly Pockets (old school edition) 
Favorite Movie: Currently - Easy A Easy A Poster

Isn't she awesome?  Now for a little more fun.  As mentioned above, Jen is celebrating her one year writing anniversary.  And she definitely knows how to celebrate!  Head over to her giveaway post to enter for all sorts of fun and exciting 'choose your own adventure' type giveaways!  You won't want to miss this!

Thanks again Jen!  It was a ton of fun getting to know more about you.  Now, let's celebrate!  

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy (and safe) New Year!

By the way, be sure to come back Monday for my very own one year celebration!


  1. Michelle you are so totally awesome!!! Thank you for having me on your awesome blog!!! I'll be sure to let everyone know about your blog again after New Years Eve (when more people will be hanging out)!

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  3. What a great interview! Jen is the bestest! Happy New Year!

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