Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Querying "The Voice"

Okay, I know I said I was sick and I also said that I was going to lay low for a few days but I watched a show tonight and just had to write about the connection I found to querying. 

And after I'm finished writing this I'm going straight to bed and then I'll be lying low once more. 

Did any of you watch "The Voice" on NBC? If not, you really should watch it next Tuesday, then you'll really know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, it's a new "find the best singer" type of show. But they have moved past the other singing show's and have discovered a way to really find the best voice.

There are four judges (amazing world famous singers) that sit with their backs to the person auditioning. This way they can really hear the voice. If the judge likes the singer, they press a button and the chair turns around.

Here comes the best part. When more than one judge likes the singer, they get to kind of fight it out or explain why they'd be the better coach for the singer. It's awesome. 

And here's how it applies to querying. Let's say the four judges are our top four all time favorite agents. We work endless hours writing a manuscript, rewriting, revising, writing a query letter, rewriting the query letter again and again, doing all we can so we give our best to the agents. And then the agent gets to our query and it's like a blind audition.

They don't know much about us and they can't see us. It's our work in their hands. So, if they like our query, they press that 'reply' button. Just like the show, we might not get an agent to press that button, but we shouldn't stop trying.

So, what is the agent looking for? Just like the show, the singer could have picked a great song and could've dressed really nice, but it all comes down to the voice! Yes, the writing is key in querying but from what I hear, a lot of agents are looking for voice!

And there you have it. Watch the show, see the connection, and apply it. Do your best, bring everything to the table, and hopefully you get not only one agent to press that button but lots of them fighting for your voice :)

Good luck and happy writing!


  1. Awesome thoughts, Michelle! Voice is so hard to work into a query, but when you can get tidbits of it in there, it definitely makes it stand out!

  2. I saw the previews for this and I thought it sounded better than some of the other similar shows. That way the judges can only rely on what's important; what they hear rather than what they see. I want to be judged on how well I write, not how pretty I am or how old I am or whether I have an mfa. It's the art that counts.

  3. What a great post Michelle! I always think my "voice" is never good enough, or that I don't even have one. When I read other people's work, I definitely notice their voice, but with mine, well, I can't even tell if I'm doing well or not.
    I missed The Voice last night, but I'll definitely be tuning in next week! I love singing and I love singing shows! :D

  4. I thought the show was great. I love how at one point they allowed you to feel somewhat of what the judges were feeling by blocking the girls face out. It was weird how different it felt!!! I loved the concept. Brilliant.

    I truly hope that an agent finds my voice captivating and can't wait for book 2. I would love for when they see me as well they're even more excited. Patience has to be on my side right now, that's never easy.

  5. I watched it and thought the SAME THING! Totally related it to querying!

  6. Voice is one of the things that keeps me coming back to the same authors. That, in combination with storytelling skills makes for a good writer.

  7. OMG!!! That's the first thing I thought when I saw the commercial--it's just like trying to find an agent--LOL! :D

    Good one. And I hope you're feeling better~ :o)

  8. I loved the part where CeeLo tried to press the button after he saw the girl. XD And Blake Shelton is so tall!

  9. Perfect comparison. It's a really great way to look at it, and you're right. Queries really should have a dash of voice if they're going to work!

  10. Yes, yes, yes. Absolutely. It's so great that you and finding and sharing the things you see as you apply them to writing and querying. Well done! :D

  11. Thank you everyone for the comments. I'm feeling a little better so hopefully I'll be back into the swing of things soon!


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