Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Useful Contradiction.

Every Sunday I sit down with my husband and we pick two nights for me to write during the week. How often do I stick to those two assigned nights? Not very. Which brings me to my contradiction.

Set a plan and be flexible. 

Kind of like two opposites, but it's an important fact of life. Just think about what you do when a new idea pops into your mind. Do you focus on the main character's or do you jump right into the plot?

No matter what you're thinking of, in all reality, you are making a plan!

But how many of us write a perfect draft the first time through? (If your hand's up, put it back down and get a critique partner. No offense.) NOT ME! That's where the flexibility comes in. Sometimes you have to cut a character or change one of the subplots or even the main plot. It happens. Most of the time it's the best thing for our story.

Is it hard to do? You bet! Sometimes I hate changing my writing night either because I wanted to have that night right away or I needed more time in between to let the muse sit. 

It all works out though and it's always for the best. I mean, I wouldn't change my writing night unless there was a need. Just like we wouldn't change our first draft unless there was a need. And more often than not. It's needed.

So make a plan but be flexible!

On a very different, totally exciting side note...I FINISHED another WIP! 26 chapters and 63,335 words!

Can I hear a WOOT WOOT? Oh yeah, all sorts of squeeing going on at my house :) And yes, I did just use the word squeeing even though the spell check gave me these other options. Squeezing, squeegeeing, squeezer, spreeing, and squeakiness. Although, there might be a lot of that going on too.

Do you use this useful contradiction? How's your current WIP coming along?


  1. Yay for finishing another WIP!

    I try to go with the flow with the writing time and with the WIP. It makes life so much easier.

  2. YAY!!! Congrats!! So excited for you! :D :D
    My WIP is almost half way done. Gotta keep writing!! :)

  3. Hey, congrats on finishing another book! And thanks for the tips today! I'm always frustrated with my writing schedule (or lack thereof).

  4. Woot Woot! I love that high. My WIP is coming along slowly as I have to keep rewriting where I am, but I love it. @ 25K, she's a beaut.

  5. Yes, major wootiness and squeeing sent your way, congrats on finishing! I love that feeling. And very good point about being flexible despite having a plan. That applies to other things in life, but especially writing! :)

  6. Kari-Thanks :) Good idea.

    Chantele-Keep on goin' then we can revise at the same time!

    Reece-Don't get frustrated, just be flexible.

    Wanton-Oh man, I never rewrite a scene until the whole book is done. Sounds like it's good though!

    Carol-I does apply to other things in life. A lot of other things...but I love to apply life skills to writing :) Thanks for the wootiness...I love that word too.

  7. CONGRATS on finishing another WIP!!!! :D
    Isn't it a great feeling? LOL

  8. Congratulations on finishing your WIP!!!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! *high five* That is such a great feeling.

  10. WOOHOO!!! Congrats on the completion! I'm in revising and editing mode before I plunge forward on my WIP. But am so glad to be back at it. :)

  11. Woot Woot! Congrats on finishing your wip!

  12. yes, and I've been doing much squeeing in the last 24. Big congrats on your new WIP! I've got the "map" sketched out for my next one, and now I'm letting the characters grow in my head... soon~

    great post! <3


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