Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tomorrow is turkey day! Unfortunately, I don't like turkey very much. But I am thankful for many other things in life :) I sent my hubby to the store to buy a small turkey (think turkey breast) and he came home with a whole 12 pound turkey. That was not what I had in mind. And it's frozen. And I don't know how to cook. It should be interesting! But I'm definitely thankful that I have a wonderful hubby who will do my shopping for me :)

And we might stand in line Thanksgiving night for one of those ridiculous sales on something that we may or may not get. But we really want it.
And my goal of finishing my latest revision by the end of the month may not happen, but I'm not giving up yet. I'm just busy with life and well, the bazaar I'm in charge of at my daughter's school.

But I have an awesome pile of books to read.

The Help.
The Iron Knight.
The Book Thief.
The Forgotten Locket.

Awesome right? Why aren't there more hours in a day? 

And I'm certainly grateful for many things. Here's a few that just barely scratch the surface of my life's blessings.

#1. My family. The one I grew up in, the one I married into, and the one that my husband and I are lucky to be raising.

#2. My faith. What would I do without the help of My Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ and the guidance of the Holy Ghost? 

#3. My friends. Both those that live near and those that live far. They are just like family.

#4. My talents and abilities. I've been blessed with a (mostly) healthy body and mind. I can do many things and have the potential for so much more. I'm excited to tread into the unknown.

#5. A home (no matter how small) and a job (my husband's) that can support our family in order for me to stay home with the many little kids we are blessed with.

I'll stop there. I could go on forever, but this post is already getting long...

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Are you cooking your own meal? Going to brave the Black Friday lines? Are you still doing NaNo (if you ever were)? What books are next in line for you to read? And what are you Thankful for?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe and have fun :)


  1. I have never cooked a turkey. Wouldn't even know where to start! But I've been baking rolls all day. That's my assignment every year. I ditto all you are thankful for. :) Have great Thanksgiving!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have an awesome weekend. ;)

  3. No Thanksgiving here, but I hope yours is a good one :-)

  4. The Book Thief is a great book! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and aren't going too crazy or getting crushed in the black friday sales right now.

  5. Ha! My hubby and my daughter don't like turkey, either. I sliced some ham and nuked the pieces so they'd have something to eat while the rest of us ate turkey. ;o) Hope the first whole turkey cooking went well! Great list of things to be thankful for!!

  6. Happy thanksgiving, my friend! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. And I think you'll really like The Help! Best~ :o) <3


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