Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Voice...again.

I know. Believe me...I know. Every time another season of The Voice starts, I post about it. That's because it relates so much to having the voice in writing. While watching the show's premiere, I heard a phrase I just loved. Adam said something along the lines of,

"Your voice is not like anyone else's."

Uniqueness. It's key. You could write another story about vampires but you'll never get it anywhere near a publisher unless it's completely different than every other blood sucking story. Make your story unique, make your voice stand out, and then make it happen. Never give up. 

And never stop writing :) 


  1. Great advice! My wife got me hooked on The Voice, despite the fact that I don't know/like 90% of today's popular music. [Muse and Coldplay count as 'popular' right? cause if not then it's closer to 100%]

    I've run into a lot of insecure writers (esp. myself) who are overwhelmed by the volume of stories out there and doubt that their will ever stand out among the masses. But there's only one way to find out, right?

    Thanks for those encouraging words!

  2. Funny thing I got started watching these a few years back and after the crappy season of AI this year I was so happy that the voice came back.

    I agree there are tons of stories about this or that, the trick is making it your story. I think a big thing with this is the character, if they are compelling they can thrive in any type of world you put them in.

  3. Love Adam L. I've discovered the more I write, the clearer the voices of my characters are on the page. I'm not sure if I'm just hearing my characters more clearly because I know what to listen for or if all those practice words have given me insight/skill I didn't have before. Probably a bit of both.


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