Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dream and Dye.

One of my favorite things is meeting up with other writer's. I haven't met very many of them, but I did have the privilege of growing up with a dear friend and fellow writer, Shallee McArthur.

If you don't know her, click on her name and get over there! She's a talented, smart, funny, caring, and ultimate plotting genius. And when I was down in Utah visiting family for spring break, I made sure to visit her too. Here are a few pictures!

Yes, we both have red hair. No, it's not natural, but we can dream...and dye, right? Dream and dye. That sounds terrible, but would be a great title. 

In writing news, I only have seven more chapters left on my current WIP. It's been interesting and I can't wait to give it space and work on something else. I have another MS that's vying for my time and two other ideas battling it out in my head. Life is never boring for a writer. Even when my mouth is closed and quiet, my head is full and loud!

How is your writing coming? Do you ever get to meet up with other writer's?


  1. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog!

    So fun that you grew up with a fellow writer! I didn't, but my husband has always said he wants to write so that's nice. Of course now he's so busy that he's decided he'll just pitch me ideas and I should write them (Yeah ... not going to happen. I like my own ideas thank you very much!)

    I do occasionally meet other writers from groups I found in That's pretty fun too!

  2. I absolutely love meeting up with other writers because they totally get me. They understand my weirdness about characters, about writing, about rejection, about talking to myself and brainstorming in the shower. Writer friends are awesome!

  3. Carissa, I grew up with her but I didn't start writing till we were out of school. I wish I could own up to having the dream earlier like she did...but I didn't. Now I'm trying to play catch up :)

    Cindy, welcome to my blog! Us writers certainly have our own personality right? Another reason why I love blogging and connecting online!

  4. SO this is pretty awesome news! I love Shallee, and you... Sorry I missed you when you came to Utah. I'm still a little out of the loop with things.


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