Monday, October 11, 2010

Color your writing!

Last weekend I was coloring princess pictures with my adorable kiddies and a thought came to me.  Between me and my kids, we can all color the same picture but they can all look totally different.  Honestly, how many times have you either entered a coloring contest or seen pictures from one?  Typically, they all color the same picture.  So, how is it that they can all look so different?  Each picture has a different emphasis and diverse color scheme.
Okay, so my analogy is a little stretched, but bare with me.  When we color a picture we get the big picture and then think, "Now how am I going to color this so that it fits me?"  How much detail are we going to put in?  Which areas are we really going to work hard on?  What color and mood am I going for?


When you want to color a picture (or write a story), you first need to think of what kind of picture you want to color.  Who is the picture for?  More importantly, what kind of picture can you color the best?  Are you going to color a princess picture or is it going to be animals?  Is it going to be funny, scary, light and fluffy?  Are your colors going to be bold, soft, sharp lines, round edges?  YOU decide because it's YOUR picture.  If you color it well enough, detail it just right, and give it a fresh look, other's might like it too!


P.S. I hear people are a little tired of vampire pictures.  :)


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