Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aspiring Author Kari Marie White

I'm so excited for today's interview. Before I start, I'd like to apologize for being gone this week. The holiday on Monday totally threw me off and it took me this long to get back on track. Luckily, I have the fabulous Kari to interview :)

About Me I met Kari a while ago through the blogging world. She is fun and always has something nice to say. You definitely should get to know her. Here's what you'll find on her blog.

I finished my first novel and now I'm wading into the inky world of revisions. I'm an adult and YA Paranormal and Urban Fantasy writer. 

I live in Minnesota with my husband and two fur children. Powered by Coca-Cola and Frosting, I love writing in the dim hours of the morning before the sun burns off my foggy dreams and the magic fades into daylight. 

Ooh, I love that last line. What a description! See, what did I tell ya? She's worth getting to know. So, let's get on with the interview so we can do that!

Kari, how long have you been writing?

In my childhood years, I wrote stories and bad poetry. In high school, my girlfriends and I used to pass progressive stories to each other in class. We'd have pages of story by the end of the day. It was a blast. My writing never went beyond that until two years ago when I started fiddling around with a few ideas. In February 2010 I started writing with the intent to study the craft and have other people read my work.

(That was one month after me! Awesome. I love that you wrote with your friends though. Writing anything was the last thing on my mind in high school. Oh how I wish I could change the past...)

What made you want to write?
I had a voice in my head telling me to write. Wow, that makes me sound like a raving lunatic! Seriously though - it would not shut up. Aside from that, I can't say there was one thing or moment that was a turning point for me. Maybe more like a perfect storm of timing, inspiration and energy. Now that I've started, I can't stop and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long.
(If you're a lunatic, most of the people reading this are also raving lunatic's, including me. Hey, no offense to the others. Raving lunatics lead exciting lives! Bring on the voices. Haha. Never a dull moment, right?) 
Quick, you only have a few minutes on the internet, which writing blogs would you go to first?
Well, this is a tough one. There are so many great ones out there.
That's Write by Leigh T Moore
Tiptoe Kisses by Lindsay Currie
(LOVE them all!) 
What book are you reading right now and which one do you have lined up to read next?

Ha! I'm juggling about 10 books right now. The one I'm making the most progress on is Michael Connelly's The Lincoln Lawyer.

Next up? Who knows? Probably one of the other nine I've already started or something new that catches my fancy.

(NINE? I can barely keep one story in my head let alone nine! That's multitasking right there. You win.) 
Do you have any pet peeves while writing?

My dogs barking. Who could possibly concentrate with all that racket?

What's your favorite:
Word- Frosting
Book- The Shining by Stephen King
Author- That's hard, because I could probably pick one per genre. I'll just go with JK Rowling because I could read HP 1000 times.
Thing about writing- That I can fix it in revision.
Character- In YA lit it would be Sophie Mercer from Hex Hall. If we are talkin' boys then Dimitri from Vampire Academy.
Genre to write- urban fantasy
Time of day- Whenever I grab some "me" time.
And last, but not least, do you prefer fruity candy or chocolate?
Fruity candy all the way. Preferably sour patch kids, starburst or skittles (but really if it's fruit flavored sugar, I'll eat it).

(Yay! We really need to have a sour patch kids party. There are so many of us that love them! Confession: I crave them when I'm pregnant. Don't worry. My kids only come out a little sour. But once that wears off, they really are sweet.)

Thanks so much for being on my blog today, Kari. And thanks to all those who stopped by to join in the fun! Be sure to hop over to Kari's blog. It's worth your time...even if you only have a few minutes :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice to meet you, Kari! Yay for head voices and raving lunatics! And, Michelle, I totally agree about the Sour Patch Kids party :)

  2. Big fan of Kari Marie! Thanks for the interview, Michelle. Favorite word, frosting, eh? Interesting little tidbits we'd never know were it not for the magic of blogging.

    A beautiful day to you both.

  3. I LOVE Sophie from Hex Hall, and Dimitri from Vampire Academy? Swoon! Great interview you two! :)

  4. Michelle - Thank you so much for interviewing me. This was so much fun! It was cool to find out we started writing seriously around the same time. I'm glad I'm not the only one with voices in her head!

  5. Hee hee. What a cute interview! Just one question: Frosting? Really? And why?

  6. Ooh, the bad poetry. That takes me back. Ode to A Popsicle was a not my best moment.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  7. I used to do the same thing with my friend in our classes. We had such ridiculous stories by the end. I'm glad I saved them!

  8. Hmm...bad poetry. I wrote a lot of it in high school too. But, I have to say. . .chocolate all the way!! LOL.

  9. Great interview! Really enjoyed getting to know Kari better!

  10. Great interview. I enjoyed getting to know Kari better. Don't worry carry. We all heard voices. Well, hear them until we create their own world to live in. :)

  11. Great interview! Loved hearing about your early writings Kari - I wrote for years but only recently have I started taking it seriously, too, and now I'm editing like mad. Good luck with your revisions!

  12. Awesome interview. Kari is too cool! All the little voices just make being a writer all the more fun.

    By the way, I tagged ya! :)

  13. Fun interview, Michelle and Kari! I liked hearing more about Kari, and it's nice to meet you, Michelle! :)

  14. Great interview! :)

    I loved learning more about Kari--and, 10 books at one time?! Wow.

  15. Kari and Michelle, great interview. :) You got the answer wrong for the candy question though -- LOL -- it's chocolate. ALWAYS chocolate. :) At least, that's what my characters told me to say!

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