Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm switching up the blog posts for this week. Instead of Tuesday and Friday, I'm going to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Why? Because I have some awesome things to post. 

Anyway, over at Kiersten White's blog, she has a contest going for a copy of the next book in the Paranormalcy Series. The requirements are to write a fake synopsis for the new cover. Fake, meaning this isn't the real thing. You can find that here.

Here's my entry.

Supernaturally, formally known as Super Nature Really. When the title was first released, fans slurred it together in excitement and the public as a whole wondered what this Supernaturally book was. Hence the name change. To please the public. Which is just what this book will do.

But what is it about? Well, the cover tells all. A super girl who loves nature. Really. In an attempt to save the planet, she gets caught in a thicket of flowers and has to touch the right spot on her neck to escape. But can she do it in time? Find out on July 26th.

That's it. It has to be under 150 words. Hop on over and give it a try :) The book's are worth your least the first one.


  1. HA ha! I love that she has to touch a certain spot on her neck to escape. :) Love it!

  2. HA! Hilarious :) "has to touch the right spot on her neck to escape"??? Come on~ that's too funny!

  3. Touching her neck to escape is a delightful. I loved your synopsis.

  4. Awesome synopsis! And I love that contest idea. I'm going to have to hop over and check it out. :)


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