Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Crowd.

Who is your crowd? Who are you trying to appeal to?

I've realized something important over the last year. And that's "Who's your crowd?" Honestly, I've read So. Many. books that have had great reviews that I just don't like. I have friends that will love a book that I couldn't stand. And visa versa. 

That's life. And that's the tough thing in this writing world. Who will like our book? It starts right at the beginning. We first have to find an agent that likes our book. After that, you have to find an editor and publisher. And then it's to the reader's. 

The hard part is realizing that there is probably someone out there who loves it. And then finding them. And having patience in that process.

I once had an agent read my stuff. It was horrible, not well-edited, and all together a bad decision on my part, but I learned something from it. Not only did the agent give me great feedback, but I realized she wasn't the agent I wanted. If I ever get one of course. 

Even though I liked her feedback, I didn't like her way of presenting it and a few other things bothered me. She was one of the top agents on my list and she didn't like my story much. And that's life. It hurt for a while and then I had to realize that it didn't appeal to her. And that's okay.

I took her advice and changed my story so that it's even better for the agent that WILL like it. And then hopefully reader's who will just die over it. Even if other's won't. 

There are always good and bad reviews and we need to remember that the crowd is different for everyone!

Do you ever worry about that crowd? What do you do to face the crowd fear and push on with writing what you love?


  1. I think that you just have to find the agent that best fits you. But you know that. :)

    I'm just going to try my best and share it with the world and hope that someone out there likes my story!

  2. I know not everyone will like my books, but I know at least one person will. And that's what makes me keep writing. :)

  3. I have found my tastes are very different from my friends and that's okay. We are friends for different reason. If they don't like it that's okay, others will and marketing and agents will help us find them.

  4. As of right now, my crowd is me. I like to please myself before anyone else. Does that make me greedy? ;) Great post!

  5. Good point! It's all very subjective.


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