Wednesday, December 28, 2011


January Novel Writing Month. It's my way of making up for NaNoWriMo...since I never have time to write a novel in November.

Usually things slow down in January for me, so that's when I attempt the insanely possible, yet brain draining craziness. Last year I wrote a novel in January and pretty much told myself I'd never try it again. 

Haha! After a year of revising that book, I guess I've forgotten why I didn't want to do it again. So I'm going to do it. My baby brain might not let me, but I'm going to try!

Do you want to try with me? It will be lots of fun! One novel or 50,000 words? Or what about a personal goal...but a BIG one?

Oh. And there's another thing. I'm almost ready to query! Pretty much the most nerve racking thing ever. And I haven't even started. But my book and query are almost polished.

What are you working on?


  1. Ha! Best of luck to ya--yes, it doesn't have to be in November. :o) I'm revising my WIP right now, trying to make some sense out of it, so I'm at a diff stage. Have fun querying!! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Best of luck with JaNo! I agree, January would be a better month than November. I'm doing some major editing and a little querying next month.

  3. I'm about 30 pages into something new. Good luck with Jano and with querying. Here's to a great 2012!

  4. I had plans to write 100k in 100 days but I think I might just concentrate on editing. I'd love to get just one novel finished :-)

  5. Yes! I will do JaNo with you! I have to finish the novel I started in NaNoWriMo and I need the same kind of drive I had in November, so we're on!

    And may I entreaty you to join us in the revolution to destroy word verification?
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  6. Michael-Yeah. Pretty much.

    Carol-Good luck to you too. And thanks :)

    Lauri-Good luck with everything!

    Kirsten-Something new? Awesome! I'm excited to jump into my new project.

    Sarah-Editing is good to do. Definitely not as fun, but worth the while! Good luck.

    Sophia-Yay! I'm glad you're going to join me. I'll be posting once a week with my progress...but I'll post about those details next week :) Good luck!

  7. Good luck! I'm with you in spirit.

  8. oh, Clarissa's doing this blogfest where you write 100K in 100 days. Like 1K words per day. I love this... but I'm thinkin it'll have to be FebMo for me. LOL! Good luck, Michelle! Happy new year~


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