Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Steps.

No, this isn't about real babies...even though that is certainly on my mind. I just wanted to talk about ways to achieve goals.

The key, for me, it to set small goals. Yes, I'd like to have an agent. And I'd love all my books to reach perfection without several revisions, but that's not realistic.

So, set small goals. Try to write so many words or chapters each week. If it doesn't work, lower the goal and work toward that. Keeping a goal in mind will help you work toward something. Which is better than working toward nothing and just hoping something gets done.

When you set small goals and achieve them, it will give you more motivation to set other goals. And along the way, you'll be closer to your end goal than you ever thought you would! 

It's rare for a soccer goalie to score a point for their team. But if they set the ball rolling and give it direction, the ball will make it from one point to another until it smashes the net on the other side.

Make realistic goals. Achieve those goals. And find yourself closer to your dreams then you ever thought possible! 

What goals are you tackling? Anything that could be more achievable through smaller goals? 


  1. Great strategy for success. And rewards are good motivators! Even small successes deserve a reward.

  2. I love this! My small goals are to write and get my chapters critiqued. It's scary but fun all in one!

  3. You are so cute. I'm just trying to get through each day without being sick! lol And I want to have my new book finished before April. We'll see. :)

  4. Small goals are definitely much more manageable! I tend to have a goal "hierarchy." I have larger goals, and then smaller goals that lead up to them. For example, I want to have a (semi)finished draft of my book by the end of May. To reach that goal, instead of focusing on the big one, I focus on the little things-- get and apply feedback from beta readers by the end of February. That will require (most likely) 1-2 hours of writing every day. So that last one is the goal I work for, instead of the other bigger ones. The little goals are the ones that help me reach all my bigger ones without getting overwhelmed!

  5. This is a great post! Right now I feel like I'm treading too much water and not going anywhere. I guess baby steps are the way to go. :)

  6. I'm trying to overhaul my first novel. Right now I'm analyzing it in the parts I originally wrote it--thankfully they're relatively short, which makes it easier than if it had been just one massive draft.


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