Thursday, February 2, 2012

Musings about...well myself.

Is that selfish? Like I just announced that I'm going to spend a post talking about myself and I think you all should read it? Okay, probably sounded like that. Here's my thought process.

Since I started querying (oh last night around midnight), I had to choose something to keep myself busy. And even now that I've got the perfect thing, I still check my email every five minutes. I know. Pathetic. I swear I'm not that impatient. Just excited about the possibilities.

Right after I finished writing Smoke and Ashes (the book I'm querying) in Jan 2010, I decided to finish another book I had started. So I did. I finished it in a month or two. And then, pretty sure I just tucked it away so I could focus on revisions for the first book.

Well, yesterday I decided to get that second book out. It's called Dael. And after reading through the first few chapters, I instantly fell back in love with it! 

And then I remembered an interview my friend did of me while I was writing that book. Here is my favorite question and answer (the pictures weren't in the original post...but I couldn't help myself).

Random writing question: If your current main character were to run into Edward Cullen at school, how would they react?

They pass each other by the back window and Mella stops. Edward nearly runs into her, distracted by what she's thinking.

Edward: "How do you know I want to eat you?"

Mella: "How do you know I know you want to eat me?"

Edward: "Uh, I don't."

Mella: "Wait. You want to eat me?"

Edward: "I need to go."

Sun comes out and the diamond skin sends a million sparkles through the air.

Mella: "Well, that's a new one. Does that attract the girls or scare them away?"

Edward: "Uh..."

Mella: "No worries. It has no affect on me."

Edward goes to take a step past Mella but he stops when he sees the look on her face. She's staring at his eyes.

Mella: "Nice eyes. I've seen better, though. Just sayin'."

Mella struts away and never looks back.

Love it! I love my characters in this book. If you want to read the full interview, check it out here on Chantele Sedgwick's blog.

And that got me thinking about other things I've written, mostly for Campaigner challenges through Rachael Harrie's blog.

I love the writing challenges she issues. That's the main reason I join the group. So, if you want my three favorite pieces of flash fiction from this last campaign, here they are.

Nowhere to Hide.


Super Ninja Imago.

And in case you're wondering more about the Platform-Building Campaign, Rach is about to launch the fourth one soon! 

And if you want an embarrassing High School story I told in Shallee McArthur's teen tales. Go here. Yes, it applies to writing. I promise :)

See, I didn't only talk about myself. All three of those fabulous ladies are worth following if you don't yet! 

Have you ever gone back to an old WIP and fallen in love with it that quickly? Have you ever tried to write a flash fiction? How about a flash fiction with crazy requirements like made up words and specific details?


  1. Man, I love those flash fiction challenges. I was terrified of them at first, but there's so much good stuff there! I'll see you at the next campaign, yeah? :)

  2. Haha, love that interview question! "Wait, you want to eat me?" Gold!

    I usually fall in love with parts of my WIP, but hate other parts and just want to rip them out. Guess that's what distance does.

  3. Great question. I think I need to distance myself my current MS. It's getting on my nerves.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. LOL!!! I loved your dialogue, soooo funny! Those challenges were definitely fun. And good luck with the querying (and mostly with the waiting!!!) Bleh, I'm waiting on some queries too!)

  5. That scene with Edward seems very familiar... ;)

  6. yes and no. Yes on the old WIP--got one now that I'm just dying to get back to. Still love it. But no. I haven't done much flash fiction... don't know why!

    But good luck w/the querying. It's the best and the worst all rolled into one. :o) <3


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