Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Voice Coach...

Every time my favorite singing show comes on...I have to post about it. Why? Because it relates SO much to writing. And it's just awesome.

I absolutely love this show. It's filled with wonderful singers that are judged purely on their voice during the blind auditions. Never seen it? You should. The contestants sing to four judges who have their backs to the singer. The contestant is judged on their voice and if the judge wants them on their team, they push their button and turn around.

I love it when more than one judge wants the singer on their team. When this happens, the decision is left to the singer to decide on their coach.

So, what does this have to do with writing? First of all, your work is based on your voice! Imagine the whole query process as a chance for you to put your voice out there to win a coach from your top options. So many times a query comes down to concept, writing, execution, and most of all the VOICE! 

If you don't have a unique and appealing voice, you'll never get an agent to turn their head. Just like a singer on this show will never get a judge to turn their chair if they don't have the voice.

Which is why you want to make sure you are giving your very best. You need to do your work, research, rewrites, put your manuscript through all you have...twice, three times, or six (like the one I'm querying) and then you can try to get a coach.

One thing I didn't focus on last time I posted about this show, that I want to emphasize this time, is the coach. These aren't just people who kind of know the writing market. Yes, they're people just like all us, but they really know their stuff. Most agents go through extensive internships before even becoming an agent. They know what will sell, how to make it even better, how to get an editor, and which publishers to target. 

Just like the experienced and well-known singing coaches on The Voice, literary agents are experienced and ready to do the work for you if they like your stuff. So give them your best. Make your voice stand out. Get your work in their hands and let them be your coach!

Remember, whether it's singing or writing, it's business. Be respectful and remember that not every coach is right for every person. Sometimes the singers on The Voice are great singers, but they just don't connect with any of the judges. If your query goes unnoticed, it might be that it's just not ready. But it could be that it's just not the right fit for that agent. 

Work on your voice and be willing to work for your coach!

Good luck :)

Anyone else querying? It's a long, slow process...but we can go through it together! You never know, you might be one of the lucky ones that gets more than one coach that want you. And then you get to pick!


  1. That's the good thing about querying, it's one of the few professions that isn't interested in how old you are, or what you look like :-)

  2. Love The Voice! And it's true, writing is all about the voice as well. I think that was one of the most mind-blowing, surprising things I found out when I first started writing. The voice. What is it and how do you find yours? Without it, you're just static noises.

  3. Btw, I tagged you over at my place. Because it's not like you have enough on your plate. :)

  4. So true Sarah!

    And Ruth, it's hard to find your voice...at least it was for me. And thanks for the tag. I'll head on over :)

  5. Haaa, cute literary agent cat. I've never heard of this show (I don't have cable or any TV stations). But voice is definitely important in writing, and the RIGHT coach is really important. It's not enough just to snag "an agent." You want one who will mesh with you and your ideas, to bring out your best! :)


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