Thursday, November 4, 2010

Question...and comment

Here's my question.

So, I don't like giving bad reviews to books, but what do you do when you read a book and really just didn't like it at all?  Do you just give the review anyway or do you just skip over that book and review a different one?

Here's my comment.

My goal of finishing my novel this month is looking more unreachable every day.  Life throws things at you like sickness and such and some things get pushed back.  Sad day.  I still hope to finish most of it this month, but my writing this week is totally shot and next week doesn't look good either.  Grrr!

How about everyone else?  How is your writing coming this month?  How about those doing the Nano?


  1. If you have a bad review of a book I'd just not review it. Just skip to a book that you enjoyed.

    I hope you get at least some of your novel written this month and things clear up.

    I'm doing good so far.

  2. I posted myself about reviews. The general concensus was to not post bad reviews. Here's the link to the post. I also have a link in the post to a post by Rachelle Gardner on the same thing.

  3. Yes it's finding a balance and couching the critism with what you liked about it, if there was anything. I guess, otherwise it does sound awful to slate something outright, doesn't it?
    As far as your WIP, my friend calls this your waiting time. Perhaps you just need time away from it, when you go back to it afresh it may take off again. :O)

  4. Thanks for the advice! I think I'm gonna have to be a little creative with Monday's book review :)

  5. I'm very picky and tend not to finish books I don't like, and I don't feel qualified to review books I haven't finished: So generally, I don't write purely negative reviews. However, I find it's easier to review when I use the sandwich method, to say two good things about the book and perhaps insert a not so positive comment in the middle.

  6. I don't usually review books I don't like. A review is my recommendation, and if I didn't like it, I won't recommend it.

    And I'm sorry life's so busy right now! I hope it calms down and you can get in some writing soon.


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