Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Writing Rants.

I just completed the first chapter of a new WIP!  It was so refreshing. 

Some of you may know that I was in the middle of a different WIP.  You might be wondering why I switched.  I came to a point in the old story where things just weren't coming together all the way.  I was about to wade through the muck,  when a brand new awesome idea came to me.  It really was a hard decision to stop the one and start on something new, but after much thought, I think it will be good.  I needed a step back from the old and the new idea was the perfect thing to distract me.

Now I can just release my inner excitement about this new story.
I  IT!
And the thing is, the pieces all came to me at once. 

I've had the idea for less than a week and I feel like I've already written the whole thing.  Of course, I haven't, but hopefully my excitement can carry me through the late nights, writer's blocks, and motherhood blank-mindedness.  I want to look my book in the face and say, "Bring it!"

Have you ever switched from one WIP to another?  Was it hard for you?  Are you a multitasker and work on more than one at a time?  Do you ever have to tell your story or characters to 'bring it?'


  1. Congratulations on finishing the first chapter of the new WiP! I switch WiPs all the time, but I find it very difficult to work on two WiPs at the same time. :)

  2. Congrats on the first chapter!

    I tend to only work on one project at a time and I keep going until I'm done, so no switching for me.

  3. Been there, done that! (As you know. :)) It's hard to switch, but sometimes when you hit that "sticky" point, you need a little distance. I'm glad this new idea came to you the way it did! That's how Devs came to me, and I love it when that happens!

  4. I never thought I'd switch from writing my last project, but it happened. I will finish that other one eventually though. I'm definitely not a writing multitasker.

    Shallee-I'm so glad your Devs came to you the same way. Maybe that means that I might actually write something that's totally awesome and incredibly intriguing, like your Devs :)

  5. Congrats on the first chapter. Love the picture of the apple!


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