Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Writing Wednesday-The Excitement Coming to Life...or NOT.

The other night I sat down and watched Eragon with my husband.  We both love the book series and even though the movie and book are much different, like most books to movies are, we still love the movie.  

And even though Twilight, the movie, is nowhere near as awesome as the book and Robert Pattinson is NOTHING like the Edward in my head, I still liked the movie.  

To me, there's just something about seeing the character's and story come to life.  I mean, who's not excited to see the last Harry Potter movies?  

Again, it's too bad when they make a movie they usually don't get actors to satisfy everyone in the world.  But the thing is, they can't.  Character's are so personal, but the story is the same.  And usually having that story come to life is somewhat thrilling.

Now back to my original movie mention, Eragon.  Even though the movie wasn't the best and didn't stick to the book 100%, when it was over, my husband and I really wanted there to be another.  It came to life and we wanted the visual story to continue.

I just have to add that although I don't always like the movie after the book, more often than not it wasn't a bad movie.  And each time I wonder if I would've liked the movie more if I hadn't read the book or if maybe the book made me like the movie a bit more.  Just a thought.

So, I wonder, what's your favorite book to movie?  I love the Harry Potter series, but I also love to watch so many others over and over again.  How many times have I sat through Pride and Prejudice with Collin Firth in clingy pants?  How about North and South with Richard Armitage?  Or maybe a little Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?


  1. I love the Narnia movies, and I think the LotR films were brilliant. :D

  2. Oh Narnia! I LOVE them and I can't wait till December 10 when the next one comes out :)

  3. Hmmm. good question! i've decided in order to really enjoy a movie that was first a book i need to watch it first and read it second. otherwise, in my experience, the movie doesn't stand a chance! christy

  4. I think the best book to movie where the movie was actually BETTER than the book would be Forrest Gump. The book was okay but the movie was amazing! And thanks for following me!

  5. Likewise Jamie. And thanks for the comments everyone!

  6. The Narnia movies are the best! I love them WAY more than I ever liked the books - to be honest, I don't really like the books at all. But the movies? Freaking fantastic.

    I haven't read Eragon yet... but I really liked the movie. The book is on my shelf... I just need to start it

  7. I liked the Eragon movie, but it really could have been fleshed out more- it really felt like a skeleton of the book. Melissa- I loved the first book, but barely got through the second (not sure if I even did...) and haven't had the desire to pick up the third (a huge fat YA book is daunting for me).

    I love Harry Potter of course, the Narnia movie was great (I haven't seen the second one). I liked the Percy Jackson one even thought they changed a lot about it. Oh, and The Lord of The Rings- I never read any of those books (except The Hobbit), so the movies were great for me.

    I am very excited for the Hunger Games movie to come out!


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