Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Links to some awesome people.

I wasn't planning on a post today, but there were just a few things that needed to be mentioned.

Like these two awesome contest with fun book giveaways.

Chantele Sedgwick is getting ready to celebrate 200 followers.

David Powers King is celebrating 100.

Did you participate in Natalie Fischer's 500 follower's contest?  If you didn't get to take part in the hilariousness, you can still get a kick out of the comments by reading the revised version of the story here!

Have a great day!


  1. And don't forget to mention you WON in Natalie's contest! Woot for you!

  2. There are some great links here. Thanks for sharing with us, Michelle.

  3. Thanks for the links, Michelle!

  4. Did you catch the power in those two names?

  5. Cool! Thanks for the links, Michelle!

  6. you won Natalie's contest!!! I saw that! ROCK ON~ :o)

    I'm so proud. *sniff* ;p

  7. Thanks for the shout out Michelle! :D

  8. Shallee-Right. I did forget...or maybe I didn't ;) Thanks for all your support! You rock.

    Ciara-No problem.

    Pk-I'm glad you like the links.

    Mary-I caught the power...I'm just trying to spread it now.

    Jess-Very cool. I hope you can get in on the awesome contest's :)

    Eagle-No problem.

    Leigh-You're hilarious. Here's a tissue :)

    Chantele-Anytime Chantele!

    Thank you everyone for stopping by! I have a busy day, but I hope to get around to more blogs.

  9. ...Need...hilarity... (says the mommy zombie.) Heading there now.

  10. I only just got around to coming here to say thanks for the shortlisting in the Crusader Challenge :D

  11. Thank you for linking my giveaway, Michelle. There's lots of great stuff I should be checking out. Thanks for linking those too!

  12. What a fun thing to do! I'll go check 'em out!


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