Monday, March 7, 2011

Thought I'd tell ya...

First of all, I just had to say that even though I like to read books related to my current WIP, that doesn't always happen.  I mean, how can I hold back when I suddenly find this in my lap?

Anna and the French Kiss

Exactly.  So, even though it might side track my mind a little bit...I'm totally giving in!

And I want to thank Regina and Shari for the Stylish Blogger Awards they've passed onto me.
Since you've all heard enough facts about me, I'm just going to skip that part and award it to these people.

#1. Rosie Connolly
#2. Leigh T. Moore
#3. Madeline Bartos
#4. Heather Deetz

I kind of bent the what you're supposed to do is list 7 things about yourself and award it to some of your other blogger friends.  How many other's?  Well, that's debatable.  I say pick who you want.  :)

Also, someone really important to me *cough* (the hubs) pointed out that certain important household responsibilities *a big cough* (pretty much everything) has been neglected for long enough.  He said it in the most loving way possible and he definitely had EVERY reason to say it.  After making a HUGE list of things that need to be done, I realized that I might have to cut out some blogging time this week to catch up.  

Which really means that I'll most likely be lurking, but it will be kind of rushed.  

Just sayin'.

Oh, one last thing...writeoncon dates have been set!!!  Countdown to August 16-18 is now in motion.  If you want the official announcement (which you should), check out Shannon's blog.

UPDATE:  There are some epic awesome giveaways going on at writeoncon.  Get over there now so you don't miss them!


  1. umm... did my comment get lost??? :D I tried to post a big THANK YOU!! and I don't see it...

    you are very stylish yourself, and I'd love to hear what you think of that book~ Have a great catch-up week! :o)

  2. I want to read that so bad! It looks so cute. I know what you mean about needing a catch-up week. So many things you have to take care of, and no time to do it! Have a great week! Oh, and I'm so excited for writeoncon again! It was so good last year!

  3. I have no idea where that comment went Leigh, but your welcome :) You might've been posting it as I was updating the blog for the writeoncon date. I'll let you all know how the book is. So far, it was an easy hook! I couldn't put it down last night. The voice rocks!

  4. Awh, thanks for the award. I'm still new to all of this so trying to figure out how it works!

    And OMG, I just finished Anna and the French Kiss. I literally devoured it in a day or so.

    Be ready to SWOON.

  5. awesome. And there it is! I was convinced Blogger hated me b/c I didn't think my second comment made it either!!! :D xoxo

  6. Heather, you can take the image from the side of my blog. I've never been able to get the copy URL to work on that image so I had to save it to my computer. I would've posted the image in my post today, but I'm on the wrong computer. Anyway, I'm totally excited about the book but it is on the bottom of that to do list so I'll have to sneak a chapter in here and there :)

    Leigh, I think blogger does have a mind of its own sometimes :)

  7. YOU BETTER BE READING THAT! I loved it! It was amazing and I'm so ready to go to Paris now!!!

    My husband and I just cleaned the house on Saturday after spending way to many weekends NOT getting it done. Needless to say it was neglected. However after it was done we picked up my Kindle and watched The Vampire Diaries!!! What a beautiful Sunday it was!

  8. Thank you so much! You're also quite stylin'.

    There's been a lot of buzz in the blogsphere about the book. I'll be interested to hear what you think of it.

    Good luck with the lists. I hate lists. They always get longer than I can manage :)

  9. Hurray for lurking and doing dishes and cleaning the bathrooms and doing laundry and . . . okay, enough is enough. Have a great week!

  10. Thank you everyone! It's been a VERY productive day :)

  11. I know exactly what you are saying about things getting neglected at home. My hubs thinks he is the one neglected most of the time. I have to lurk most times through the week and try to catch up through the weekend. But jump in where I can. Like now! Best wishes.

  12. I've been hearing a lot about this book lately, you'll have to let us know how it is! I have a lot of cleaning to do also, but I actually like a ton of stuff thrown everywhere. Clean rooms make me feel empty and lonely. ;) And thanks for the award!

  13. I'm seriously thinking of taking off work for writoncon this year ;p I know what you mean about neglecting the house. Hubs doesn't notice so it's not a big deal. If he wants it done so bad, he can do it ;p

  14. My house has been neglected lately, too. I'm waiting on my hubs to give me a nudge;) I have Anna and the French Kiss in my TBR pile - I need to read it soon since I keep hearing it's wonderful.

  15. Have as much fun as you can with household chores (it's the only way to make them bearable!)

    COngrats on the stylish blogger award!

  16. I hear ya on catching up on the household nonsense. I have to do that myself. I want to read that book. Looks so good.
    Congrats on the award. I'm heading to Shannon's right now. :)

  17. I've been hearing so much about that book and it looks great! I'll definitely be checking that one out. Good luck getting caught up!

  18. I had the same talk with my hubby. That is why I'm just now getting around to everyone's blog. :) I've never heard of the book, but based on the comments, I'll have to check it out.

  19. Ooh, I want to read that one! Congrats on your awards, and yay for understanding (mostly) husbands!!! Have fun lurking and hope catching up goes well - I'm under a similar order (um, suggestion) this weekend too :(



  20. ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS is such a sweet read! I definitely enjoyed that one :)

  21. I really enjoyed Anna and the French Kiss☺ I too try to read in the genre I write so this was the first literary I've read in a really LONG time! But I was so glad I did. Besides, I wanted to be a part of the cool kids who were raving about it online! ;) Lol!

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